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Kids' Emotional Intelligence

Welcome to our blog! Whether you're a fellow #elodeck family member, a mental health advocate, teacher or mindfulness-based professional, we are VERY excited to have you here!
If you want to learn more about the 'we' behind this brand check out our founder stories. Yes, it is just us behind here, but we are very excited to create a mental wellbeing movement - especially for the NEXT GENERATION! Thank you for being here.
Our first installment of our weekly informational blog posts and activity ideas will bring insight into emotional intelligence.
Why? - the E.L.O. Deck has been created to increase our kids' emotional intelligence, and as we practice this with them, we are able to 're-parent' ourselves and improve our EQ too!
Ultimately it’s our EQ (our emotional intelligence status) that helps us manage the stress and emotions we face. It impacts our function at school, work and our physical health - as our EQ enables us to regulate our emotions.
If you aren't able to manage your emotions, you are not managing your stress either. When we do not say things out loud, recognize them, or organize our thoughts, they will come out in our actions and behavior, and deteriorate our mental health status. Uncontrolled emotions and stress make you more vulnerable to anxiety and depression.
EQ allows us to express our feelings and connect with others through communication. By being in-tune with the emotions of others you develop your social skills as your recognize their circumstances and context.
  1. Self-Management you are able to control impulsive feelings and behaviors, manage your emotions in healthy ways, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and adapt to changing circumstances.
  2. Self-Awareness - you can recognize your own emotions and how they impact your thoughts and behavior. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you will in turn have more self-confidence.
  3. Social Awareness - this means you have empathy. You can understand the emotions, needs, and concerns of other people, pick up on emotional cues, feel comfortable socially, and recognize the power dynamics in a group or organization.
  4. Relationship Management - you know how to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate clearly, inspire and influence others, work well in a team, and manage conflict.
E.L.O. Cards that relate to building your little one's emotional intelligence include the "I have feelings", "Everyone has different tastes" and "I am unique" affirmation cards, which are all paired with a correlating activity idea and guiding conversation prompts.
Also take advantage of our free downloadable - the E.L.O. Feelings Chart
Here's an alternative fun craft idea related to understanding, labeling and communicating emotions:

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