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the boy who cried wolf

this story is a resource for one of the story prompts in our flashcard. a story, while a classic, visually and verbally shares the value of honesty and trust.


Once upon a time, in a beautiful village near lush rolling hills, there was a boy who watched over the village’s sheep. Being alone up in the hills was very boring.

To liven up his day, the boy thought it would be fun to scare the villages and scream, “Wolf, wolf!” The villagers grabbed whatever they could, and ran up the hill to scare off the wolf. 

When they reached the top of the hill, they realized that they had been tricked by the mischievous boy. He laughed and laughed until the villagers angrily walked back down the hill. Even the sheep were not amused.

The boy continued to call wolf, and the villagers warned him that the next time they would no longer believe him. The boy shrugged off the warning and laid down for a nap.

One lazy afternoon, the boy heard a terrible sound. Before he could even prepare himself, a wolf appeared right before him, and was chasing all the village’s sheep! The boy screamed, “Wolf, wolf!” , but having lied so many times, the people of the village just ignored him.

With no one to help him fend off the wolf, the sheep all ran away, and the boy was left crying on the hill. 

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