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Ferwa + Sakina + Maggie


All three co-founders united on the mission that we wanted to parent differently! We not only come from cultures where mental well-being management is a taboo, but also from struggling to navigate life's challenges, often resulting in a crash and burn, we realized we didn't at have a toolbox of the emotional regulation skills, a growth mindset, nor the confidence to maintain sense of self love - always putting others' needs before ours!
We want to change this for the next generation and really wondered why this was not already being taught at home and schools.
The next generation needs to know that their center of gravity is within themselves and that filling your own bucket is priority before filling others'!
We are bringing expert advice into parents and caregivers hands so you are empowered to navigate the essential stages in your child's emotional and social development and connect with them through fun resources!
All our products are designed with science-backed information and crowd-resourced feedback for the modern caregiver. Our resources are aesthetically stimulating, contemporary and always have sustainability in mind!
Our vision is to continue bringing resources of various kinds to families and classrooms everywhere!



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