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Understanding the acronym ELO



Through exploration children gravitate towards things that they are curious about. This natural process prompts them to observe their surroundings helping them to learn and grow. 


Our products encourage kids to learn important values and normalize conversations around emotions. All ELO resources are designed to help both the caregiver/parent and their child(ren) to learn and engage in better mental well-being habits!


Caregivers and parents are able to observe how these values impact their kids' lives, while also learning what their little ones find challenging.


Children learn best through creative, imaginary, and messy play.

Deepen your connection with your child while promoting valuable life skills, from emotional courage to authenticity, gratitude, and well-being. 
Children are incredibly smart, resilient, and independent, yet they require gentle guidance. Threading positivity and motivation into their daily lives - free of our own biases or history - will result in the optimal building blocks for healthy mental health development.
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