why e.l.o. ?


Understanding E.L.O. : 


Through exploration children gravitate towards things that they are curious about. This natural process prompts them to observe their surroundings helping them to learn and grow. 


Our cards encourage kids to learn important values and also support the parents in incorporating these values into their daily routine. 


Parents are able to observe how these values impact their kids' lives in a holistic manner,  as well as, the values that the child is finding challenging. Our affirmations are also a good reminder for parents to relearn and model emotionally resilient behavior for their kids. 



Children learn best through creative, imaginary, and messy play.
The E.L.O. deck is a resource for parents, caregivers, and family members alike, designed to establish a fun, educational, and beloved routine with your little one.
Deepen your connection with your child while promoting valuable life skills, from emotional courage to authenticity, gratitude, and well-being. 
These cards include simple bonding activities that enhance physical touch, eye contact, and playful interactions.
By invoking the power of affirmations, we’ve created categories to facilitate bonding moments between children and their loved ones! 
Children are incredibly smart, resilient, and independent, yet they require gentle guidance. Threading positivity and motivation into their daily lives - free of our own biases or history - will result in the optimal building blocks for healthy mental health development.

an essential developmental phase.

In this age range, they are experiencing monthly changes in their emotional, social, communication, and cognitive skills.
With rapid growth during this time, it is essential for caretakers to recognize the important role they play in their child's life and instill a connection with family as well.
Whatever you decide to do in this stage will impact your child for years to come


art + design. every detail customized.

The E.L.O deck pairs contemporary aesthetics aimed to appeal to children while also considering an adult’s sense of design.  Each aspect of the card is created to bring the caregiver and child a holistic experience. Every detail was meticulously considered - from sizing to font, texture, and color, we have thought of it all.
• The size of the card allows it to be easy to grip for small hands and doubles as artwork that can be displayed in your space.
• The font and text size are engaging and easy to read.
• The deck is printed on a velvety, soft-touch finish for an added sensory experience. It also features a sturdy box with a magnetic closure for safekeeping, easy storage, durability, and travel.
• Each color used in the deck reflects the Psychology of Color and is chosen to promote traits and feelings, such as trust, hope, and happiness.
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