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How to Implement the E.L.O. [ELO] Deck Into Your Busy Life!

We all know that life is busy! Between our professional jobs and raising families days go by in the blink of an eye!
As parents and caregivers, we have the ability to create lasting memories with our children. We believe the E.L.O. deck can help you facilitate moments of bonding while positively impacting your child’s mental health.


    Here are some ways for busy families to implement the ELO deck in their busy lives: 
  • E.L.O. deck before bedtime: Use our affirmations during your bedtime routine! One of the best ways to bond with your child  is to spend time with them before bed. Going through the E.L.O. deck gives both you and your child the opportunity to wind down from your busy day and connect by stating positive affirmations together- not to mention you reset your mind to think positive thoughts at the end of the day, which will most likely impact your mood when you wake up!


  • E.L.O. deck in the car: Long car rides or waiting in the cor for soccer practice to start is the perfect time to to pull out the deck….this is a perfect road trip boredom buster! Using the E.L.O deck on the road is a great way to build your relationship and boosts your child’s confidence. Some of the best conversations I have with my kids are in the car driving to various activities. Try to spend more time talking and listening to your children and less time on your cell phone.


  • E.L.O. deck during dinner: Studies show that children who have routine dinners together with their family are more likely to experience both mental and physical health benefits. It is very important to have the whole family be present at the table. The E.L.O deck is a great way to encourage more talking at the dinner table and will help your family engage with each other in a meaningful way - dinner table meals can be turned into memories and moments!


Making time throughout the busy work week and event filled weekends might seem impossible at times, but if there’s a will there is a way! Incorporating the E.L.O deck into your daily schedule can be a simple priority that can have lasting impacts on your child in the future. After all, children crave quality time with their parents!
Some E.L.O Deck cards that can help when you feel like you might not be spending enough time with your kids:
  • My friends and family need me
  • I can be patient 
  • I stay connected
  • I try my best

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