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Are You Gossiping At The Dinner Table?


Based on the social learning theory, people learn by watching others. We know that modeling behavior is one of the most powerful forms of parenting and teaching our kids behaviors, values, responses, and so on.


Kids repeat what they hear and they imitate what they see.


 take a moment and reflect


What behaviors does your child emulate and execute that you have seen within your home environment?


Through being mindful of your own behaviors you can help your child work through life with less than desirable moments. In face, we look at it as. beautiful opportunity to be accountable to ourselves, improve ourselves, and at the same tiem raise empathetic and strong kids!


Here's a scenario to think about. You're running late to a soccer game - what is your reaction? Are you flustered and running around the house trying to find all of the gear? Are your emotions escalating in the car ride there?

Being mindful is really the key to being present and dialing back to your center of gravity. 


Tips for nurturing a kind and respectful culture at home and in the classroom. 

  • Show children that you are their equal by lowering yourself to their eye level and engaging with them.

  • Respond in ways that the child feels comforted when they are angry or afraid. Listen carefully to what they are saying and reflect it back to them: "Oh I see - you were scared because you saw a shadow in your closet. What do you think about opening the closer together and turning on the light, just to make sure nothing is hiding inside there?"

  • Making the principles and value of kindness and respect essential in the household/classroom.

  • Being mindful and labeling actions as unkind or kind

  • Maintaining kindness in the home/classroom so that your little ones develop this way of being too (continuously model, have dialogue, practice, and affirm) - aka the e.l.o. method ;)




Play kindness bingo with your family. A great way to discuss and act out random acts of kindness and make for a feel-good game!


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