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Zoom The eLo™ Deck +  Affirmation Bandages | The Ultimate Affirmation Bundle
Zoom The eLo™ Deck +  Affirmation Bandages | The Ultimate Affirmation Bundle
Zoom The eLo™ Deck +  Affirmation Bandages | The Ultimate Affirmation Bundle

The eLo™ Deck + Affirmation Bandages | The Ultimate Affirmation Bundle

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The ultimate affirmation bundle! - Gift a lovely affirmation deck with correlating fun and motivational affirmation bandages for the perfect uplifting and mental well-being, inspiring gift! Perfect for kids aged 4+ !

DYRKM?! Card Game:

Matte tuck box with 54 cards

4 categories of questions:

- This or That (rapid fire)

- If You Know, You Know (get to know me)

- From The Heart (get deeper) 

- Just For Fun (get silly!)

Wild Card + Instruction Card included

The ELO Deck:

32 Cards 5x7 cards:

- 29x carefully selected all-rounded affirmations.

- 1x bedtime meditation + affirmation.

- 1x pay-it-forward coloring card (color in and share with someone special)

- 1x 'how to use' card with directions and insight on our method.


Fun sticker sheet.


Magnetic closure box

Our box and cards are coated in a suede-like soft-touch  finish for a sensory and luxe feel.

This fun game can be played anywhere, anytime! Sit face-to-face with each other and use the Wild Card to determine who starts. Separate the cards by category or shuffle them all together.

The players alternate each taking turns to ask and answer. The game can carry on for as long as the players wish or until all the cards have been completed.


The ELO Deck is our complete parenting guide, and affirmations, complete with activities, conversation prompts, and a parenting resource.

The cards have been designed to be stacked into your kid's routine, little by little. 

The ways to layer on the different parts of the ELO Deck

1. Repeat the affirmation(s) with your little one. 

2. Read the Goal and Psychology to understand how to implement teaching, and why, these values to your little one(s)

3. Choose either the Converse + Bond story/conversation prompts OR the Activity section to engage different learning and sensory styles to learn through play!

DYRKM?! Card Game:

• Encourages communication between you and your child.

• Encourages exploration of feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes.

• Freely express and share who you/they REALLY are.

• Lots of laughs, tears and insight! (explore, learn, observe 😉)

• Helps in developing your child's communication, creativity, confidence and critical thinking.

The ELO Deck:

• Promotes a positive and optimistic growth mindset and self-regulation in kids. For children developmentally aged 4-7.

• A resource for parents to physically and emotionally connect with their children, and raise kind, confident, and resilient mind!

The eLo™ Deck + Affirmation Bandages | The Ultimate Affirmation Bundle

$38.50 USD Regular price $41.00 USD


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What age group is this for?

Our game card has questions that would be best answered by those aged 7+. However this game has been tested and enjoy by ages 5+

When to play this game?

Some great times to enjoy playing this game is:

• At family dinners,

• Family game nights,

• After school

• While waiting at a restaurant, or

• While on vacation!

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